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Whether you need proof of a medical condition, a sick leave note for work, or a certificate of good health, our physicians are here to assist you. Reach out to Drome for prompt medical certificates reliable and for a range of needs.

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Comprehensive Health Documentation: Offering Multiple Types of Certificates for Your Varied Health, Employment, and Lifestyle Needs


Medical Fitness Certificate


Medical Leave Certificate


Employment Certificate


Driving License Certificate


Sick Leave Certificate


Fitness Certificate for Sports


Fitness for Swimming pool


Other Special Certificates

Our health is a voyage, and each voyage requires a compass. A medical certificate serves as that compass - truthful, comprehensive, and tailored just for you


Demystifying Medical Certificates: Your Questions Answered

Helping You Navigate the Process of ObtainiHelping Medical Certificates at Drome Family Clinic

  • All Drome Family Physicians are doctors from Allopathic stream of medicine and have State / Central Medical registrations to prescribe legally valid prescriptions for medicines.
  • The doctor will also be able to write a medical certificate / grant sick leave, and refer the patient to hospital if needed.
  • As a policy our doctors will be restrictive in prescribing habit-forming medications.

You should bring a valid form of identification, any relevant medical records, details of current medications, and a clear understanding of the certificate’s purpose (e.g., for work, travel, fitness assessment, etc.).

The timeframe can vary based on the nature of the certificate and the complexity of the health assessment. Typically, however, you should be able to receive your certificate within a same days of your consultation.

You can book an appointment through our website or by giving a call on our mobile number +91 9698 24 7 365, which is a call back service OR by sending WhatsApp message(s) on the same number. Please ensure to mention that the purpose of the visit is to obtain a medical certificate.

Documents Required

From Work to Travel: Providing a Range of Medical Certificates to Accommodate Your Diverse Personal and Professional Needs
Personal Identification:

A valid piece of personal identification is required for all medical certificates to verify your identity. This could be a government-issued ID, driver's license, passport or any other relevant ID proof.

Medical History

Any relevant medical history or records that can assist our physicians in making a well-informed assessment. If you have undergone any recent medical investigations, please bring along the reports

Current Medications

Details of any current medications you are taking, including doses and duration. This is crucial to prevent potential drug interactions and to inform the doctor's decision regarding your treatment plan.

Purpose of Certificate:

A clear understanding of the certificate's purpose can help the physician tailor the medical certificate according to the requirement. It could be for work, travel, fitness assessment, or other personal needs



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