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Our Philosophy

DROME revives the beloved family doctor tradition, perfectly suited for today’s mobile life. With our digital locker, your health history is always within reach, enabling personalized care at home, in the clinic, or via teleconsultation. This blend of trusted, traditional care and digital convenience provides seamless health support wherever you are. Rediscover the warmth and reliability of a family doctor, now flexible to fit every part of your lifestyle, with DROME.


Drome USP's

Promoting inclusivity and enabling seamless access to healthcare

Unified Healthcare

Family Physicians, Speciliast Doctors &
AYUSH Doctors.

Primary care for your family

Digitalize your family's health records
for enhanced diagnostic accuracy.

One-stop Healthcare

Pharmacies, labs & Diagnostics, Ambulance services Healthcare Facilitators & Health Insurance.

Healthcare at your doorstep

Ensure seamless doctor access with home visits,
teleconsults, and in-clinic appointments.

Our Services

Whether it’s preventive care, managing chronic conditions, or guiding you through acute illnesses, we offer a spectrum of services under one roof. Our clinic is where science meets compassion, and care is personalized.
Home Consultation

Expert care delivered to your living room.

Clinic Consultation

Protecting your health, one visit at a time.

Online Consultation

Expert medical attention, just a click away.

Minor Procedures

Expert care for minor injuries and wounds.

Medical Certificates

Certified medical records

Adult Vaccination

Adult vaccines for a healthier life.

Why Family Physicians?

Family physicians provide a critical first point of contact for healthcare, offering preventive care, managing chronic diseases, and coordinating comprehensive, holistic care, thus playing a pivotal role in maintaining the overall health and well-being of their patients

Our Optimistic Team

"Meet the dedicated family physicians who compose the heart of our practice. Each one brings unique expertise, bound by a shared commitment: your health and well-being.

Dr. Vikrant Ohlan


Robust career spanning from grassroots primary health centers to corporate hospitals, brings an invaluable breadth of experience.
Dr. Sushant


Equipped with a wide breadth of medical knowledge and an unwavering commitment to patient care, serves as your primary health advocate.

Dr. Anurag Sharma


Blending the intricacies of Pediatric Neurosurgery with the wide-ranging care of family practice, ensuring precision at every stage of life.
Dr. Sumit Arora


Leveraging esteemed experience from the Army Medical Corps, with a deep understanding of complex diseases.
Dr Akanksha Srivastava


Our expert gynecologist delivers comprehensive care & tailoring treatments to each woman’s unique health journey.

Dr. Aditi


Our experienced pediatrician is dedicated to providing comprehensive, compassionate care for your little ones.

Our Unmatched Facility

We are a collective of passionate General Family Physicians, committed to your health and well-being. Our practice is a symphony of empathy, knowledge, and respect, blended with advanced technology to ensure accurate diagnosis and effective treatments. We provide comprehensive care – from newborns to grandparents, supporting your family through all seasons of life.

Friendly & Peaceful Environment
Experience a friendly environment while meeting your health needs
24*7 Emergency Support

We’re there for you, day and night, through our virtual emergency services.

Professional & Qualified Staff

Our staff combines skill, knowledge, and dedication in providing quality care.

Online Doctor Appointment

Book your next doctor’s appointment without leaving home.

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Committed to the Continuum of Care with Family Physicians

Don't wait for tomorrow, take the first step today. Schedule an appointment with us and let's walk this health journey together.


Our Happy Patients

Read the heartfelt experiences of our patients - the families we proudly serve. Their stories encapsulate our commitment to personalized care and stand as a testament to the trust we strive to foster

atia khan
atia khan
Dr. Vikrant Ohlan is a good doctor. Was suffering from a very persistent cough and his prescribed medication was very helpful. Thank you Dr. Vikrant.
Jim Lewis
Jim Lewis
So glad to encounter Drome on the web! Dr. Ohlan was able to consult at my home, same day as my request. He was very professional, friendly, and kind. Will very much return to Drome when the family has health needs.
Vipin Govindan
Vipin Govindan
Excellent experience with Dr Sushant…understood the issue in detail and also checked historical documents before providing diagnosis…highly recommended as a general physician 👍
Anish Kharalia
Anish Kharalia
Dr. Sushant is like family. Very knowledgeable and professional, at the same time always smiling, and understands people really well. I wish to thank him on my entire family's behalf. We are grateful for his incessant support 🙏🏼
Dhiraj Khattar
Dhiraj Khattar
Great team of doctors, gentle approach, put you at ease and explain to you very nicely about your condition and treatment approach. Have all the right flavours for a perfect family clinic. Clinic is nice and aesthetically designed too. I would recommend them whole-heartedly to anyone requiring medical attention.

Partners in Care


Frequently Asked Questions

Guiding You Through Your Queries

  • You can easily request a doctor’s visit by giving a call on our mobile number +91 9698247365, which is a call back service OR by sending WhatsApp message(s) on the same number.
  • Our Drome coordinator will connect with you for setting up an appointment.
  • Please keep your phone nearby and answer calls from +91 9698247365. We request you to save this number as Drome Family Physicians.
  • Best General Family Physician in Gurgaon can treat 60-70 percent of ailments. For the rest of the conditions they can refer patients to a specialist doctor by doing basic workup.
  • Drome Family physicians Gurgaon are very experienced and can evaluate and treat all commonly occurring ailments. They can follow up on patients with heart ailments, diabetes and hypertension etc. in non-emergent situations requiring routine medical advice.
  • They can help you organize and maintain your medical records.

Drome family physicians Gurgaon are not equipped to deal with acute life-threatening conditions, and therefore recommend nearby hospital facility for such emergencies.

Examples include: –

  • Likely cardiac events (chest pain, cardiac arrest, rhythm disturbances)
  • Suspected cerebro-vascular accidents / strokes (sudden onset loss of facial expressions, paralysis, inappropriate speech and / or language disorder, fainting or loss of consciousness
  • Infants under 3 months with fever over 38.5 °C (101.3°F)
  • Acute allergic reactions
  • Blood in vomiting
  • Acute severe breathing difficulty like asthma attacks.
  • Seizures
  • Serious injuries and accidents.

No. Except for minor injuries that can be managed with simple cleaning and minor dressing, we recommend that you should seek services of nearest hospital for management of bleeding wounds.

  • Currently our doctors can perform random blood sugar and urine tests for Ketones during their assessment of patients to assist them with diagnosis.
  • In case some specialized tests are needed at home, we can facilitate the conduct of following tests at convenience of your homes: X-Rays, Electrocardiogram (ECG), Arterial Blood Gas Analysis (ABG), Troponin-I, D-Dimer, NT-proBNP, CPK-MB, Pulmonary Function Tests (PFT), SOB Profile (Shortness of Breath Profile – Troponin-I, D-dimer, BNP, Myoglobin, CPK-MB, ECG)
  • If specific blood tests or radiological investigations are needed in the laboratory, our doctor may request/recommend them, which either we can facilitate or else you can perform in any accredited lab of your choice and forward the results on WhatsApp at +91 9698247365


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Embark on your health journey with us. Our clinic is conveniently located in the heart of your community, easily accessible for all. We're just a short trip away, ready to welcome you into our family of healthcare professionals committed to your well-being.

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