A Stitch in Time

Dressings and Minor Procedures at Drome

In the harmony of science and art, we find healing. At Drome Family Clinic, our minor procedures and wound dressings unite medical precision with the gentle touch of compassion. We work with the intricate tapestry of the human body, providing treatments that foster health and wholeness.

From Mending Wounds to Removing Lesions

Weaving Together Medical Expertise and Human Connection

In the Realm of Precision and Care

Every scrape, every wound, every minor discomfort is a call for healing. Our range of services includes suturing minor lacerations, skin lesion removal, wound dressings, abscess drainages, and more. With a steadfast commitment to patient comfort and safety, we carry out each procedure with a careful hand and a discerning eye.

Beneath the Veil of Comfort

At Drome Family Clinic, we recognize that healing extends beyond the physical. Our approach intertwines medical knowledge with an understanding of the human spirit. We believe in communication, taking time to explain every procedure, every step to our patients. Your comfort and understanding are our priority, and we strive to create a serene and supportive environment.


Choose Drome Your Trusted Partner in Healing

Five reasons to select our dressing and minor procedure service

Expert Medical Team
Comprehensive Range of Services
Patient Centric approach
Holistic Care Approach
Convenient Scheduling

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Stitching Stories of Trust: Patient Experiences

Our greatest testimonies lie in the smiles of our healed patients. Hear directly from those who experienced the art of healing at Drome Family Clinic. Their stories, their journeys form the fabric of our service, motivating us to reach greater heights in compassionate healthcare