About Us

Nurturing Wellness, Enriching Lives

How We Became Best Among Others ?

Our success as Gurgaon's leading family clinic stems from our steadfast commitment to empathy, quality, integrity, collaboration, and innovation. We prioritize patient understanding, top-tier medical care, and uphold a reputation of trust within our community. Our collaborative, team-based approach harnesses the collective expertise of our skilled physicians, while our dedication to innovation ensures we provide up-to-date family healthcare. This commitment to our core values has propelled us to the forefront of our field.

“Caring for families is more than a profession, it’s a privilege. In every heartbeat we listen to, and in every concern we address, we see the trust Gurgaon has placed in us. We pledge to honor this trust by offering the highest level of care, today and always.”

Dr. Anurag Sharma

CEO & Founder, Drome

Our core Ideology


Drome Clinic's mission is to deliver comprehensive and empathetic family healthcare, ensuring accessible and quality medical care for our community.


We envision Drome Clinic as a leader in family medicine, offering patient-centric services that inspire healthier lifestyles and contribute to a happier world.


Our values at Drome Clinic center on Empathy, Quality, Integrity, Collaboration, and Innovation, guiding our actions towards our patients and their needs.

Introducing The Idea of Drome